21 January 2014


Jacket: Topshop / Top: Zara / Necklace: MARCHÉ WM
Boots: Vivienne Westwood / Leggings: AA / Ring: YSL

[ 19 January 2012 ]

Editorial - VOGUE NIPPON

[ 10 January 2012 ]

20 January 2014

2011 Xmas Gift

I love this little bag very much, still wearing it very often,
specially for traveling.
Its weight is super light and the leather is soft,
size is good enough for putting my passport and all the important 
personal belongings. And love the thoughtful idea that
it contains a tiny torch, safe for traveler in strange country.

(Picture were taken on 26 Dec 2011)


Hi guys! It has been a long time, how are you doing?
I think I stopped writing post for almost 2 years,
2012-13 really was a wonderful time to me. 
I was incredibly busy! Not only completed many big projects,
met brunch of amazing people and travelled many places.
I really love to share all my cherish moments to you here!
Thank you all so much for keep reading my blog.
And I've just started joining Instagram, hope can see you guys there too! ^^

(Picture were taken on 10 Dec 2011)

08 December 2011

Single Minded #004 Statement Necklace

O ~ I love wearing statement necklace, it can totally highlight my whole outfit,
because I'm such a boring person, my whole wardrobe color always sticks with
black, grey, white, beige, khaki, the most riskiest I take is only leopard! LOL
So it would be nice to play with some impressive necklace a little bit.
From the upper 6 selections, Valentino (Left Bottom) is my best choice! Keke ~
Opps, I found one very interesting too, from Kate Spade, but none of its picture
 is good for placing onto this layout, so here is the link, check it out!  : )

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